Net Worth $2 million
Date of Birth 23 March 1994
Gender Male
Height: 183 cm
Profession Rapper
Nationality American

Introduction Tee Grizzley:

Tee Grizzley is an American rapper and songwriter best known for his hits “First Day Out”, “Colors”, “No Effort” and “From the D to the A”. Formerly a member of the Allstars BallHard band and popularly known as ASBH Tee, the rapper has a turbulent history. Before he started his rap career, he was serving a three-year sentence for armed robbery.

How old is Tee Grizzley?

Tee Grizzley was born on the 23 March 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, United States, and he is 27 years old.

Tee Grizzley Personal life/Biography:

Tee Grizzley was raised by her grandmother as both her father and mother regularly came and went. In 2011, his mother was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking. A year later, his father was killed. Despite all the difficulties he faced in his early years, Wallace continued to attend Michigan State University and studied finance and accounting there. After the burglary, he began robbery and was arrested in September 2015. In October 2016, he was released from Jackson State Prison in Michigan.

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Tee Grizzley Education:

Wallace was the first member of his family to attend attended Michigan State University to study finance and accounting but, after undergoing financial difficulties, he with his friend began to burglarize.

Tee Grizzley Professional Career:

Tee Grizzley began his career as part of the All-stars Ballard music group. While performing in the band he was given the nickname ASBH Tee. He released his first song titled “First Day Out” in 2016. Its music video became very popular on YouTube and gained over 2 million views in just three weeks. Thanks to the success of the single, Grizzley eventually signed a contract with 300 Entertainment and Atlantic Record. He then continued releasing his songs “Second Day Out” and “From the D to the A” in February and March 2017 respectively.

Tee Grizzley Net Worth:

Tee Grizzley has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He has earned his net worth through his music and publishing career

Tee Grizzley Salary:

As a Rapper, Tee Grizzley earns $8,000 plus per month.

Tee Grizzley Height:

Tee Grizzley Height is 6 feet (183 cm) and weighs 227 lbs (103kg).

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Is Tee Grizzley Relationship Status Single/Married?

Tee Grizzley is still single.

Tee Grizzley Net Worth Biography

Tee Grizzley Achievements:

Tee Grizzley has worked with different producers for his songs. He got a lot of attention because of his collaborations with Kanye West, T.I., and Drake. He is a big fan of Kanye West and he has collaborated with him on many occasions. He also collaborated with Drake on the song “Know Yourself”.

Tee Grizzley is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

Tee Grizzley is a businessman. He owns the record label called “Griz Records” and he is also the CEO of the clothing company called “Grizwear”. He has won several awards.

Tee Grizzley Social Media:

 Tee Grizzley Hobbies:

  • Tee Grizzley loves the rapping.
  • Tee Grizzley loves playing tennis in his free time. He also enjoys playing basketball and golf.

Tee Grizzley Facts:

  • On March 31, 2017, Tee Grizzley came out with the song “No Effort” and the accompanying music video. The following month, his first mixtape titled ‘My Moment’ was released.
  • Tee Grizzley then teamed up with Meek Mill to release the song “Beef” on September 1, 2017. He released the song titled “Win” in October 2017.
  • On November 30, 2017, he and another rapper Lil Durk released “What Yo City Like” as the title track of their shared mixtape titled ‘Bloodas.’ A month later, the two released ‘Bloodas.’
  • In February 2018, Grizzley released one “Colors” from her debut album ‘Activated.’ This was followed by another song “Don’t Even Trip”. The album itself was released on May 11, 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars does Tee Grizzley have?

Cadillac Escalade

How much money does Tee Grizzley make a year?

Tee Grizzley makes $300,000 plus per year.

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