Net Worth $4 million
Date of Birth 13 February 1974
Gender Male
Height: 1.84 meters
Profession Tv Director
Nationality American

Introduction Steven Rinella:

Steven Rinella is an American outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and television personality known for translating the hunting and fishing lifestyle to a wide variety of audiences. Steven has three children, two sons and one daughter.

How old is Steven Rinella?

Steven Rinella was born on 13 February 1974 and he is 48 years old.

Steven Rinella Personal life/Biography:

Steven Rinella was born in Twin Lake, Michigan. He grew up in Twin Lake with his two older brothers, who had been trained to hunt and fish at an early age by his father.

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Steven Rinella Education:

Steven Rinella an MFA in creative nonfiction writing at the University of Montana. Ian Frazier influenced me to an almost embarrassing degree. He was actually instrumental in getting me started in magazine writing.

Steven Rinella Professional Career:

2018 documentary following a group of hunters as they face difficulties in the wild. Steven directed and played on this.

Steven Rinella is the host of MeatEater, a weekly half-hour hunting show. The program worked for six seasons on the Sportsman Channel before moving to Netflix in 2018. The game is based on Rinella’s hunting activities in places like Montana (deer, elk); Alaska (waterfowl, mountain goat, Dall sheep, caribou, black bear, moose); Mexico (wild turkey, buffalo); New Zealand (tahr, chamois, red stag); Arizona (mountain lion, Coues deer); Wisconsin (white-tailed deer, rabbit, beaver, muskrat); and California (wild boar, quail, and turkey.)

The exhibition provides hunting protection and creates the impression that hunters have a responsibility to be country officials and protectors of their favourite species. [4] The episodes include interesting and sometimes artistic food arrangements after the hunt. Examples include deer heart wrapped in hot oil and roasted on the fire, javelina meat boiled inside the animal’s stomach, and regular preparations. The series premiered on January 1, 2012, and has just completed its tenth season.

Steven Rinella Net Worth:

Steven Rinella current net worth of $4 million.

Steven Rinella Salary:

Steven Rinella earns approximately $32,000 per month.

Steven Rinella Height:

Steven Rinella is 6 feet(1.84 m) and weighs 180 Lbs(82 kg).

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Steven Rinella Net Worth And Biography

Is Steven Rinella Relationship Status Single/Married?

Yes, Steven Rinella is married.

Steven Rinella Achievements:

  • In 2012, MeatEater was nominated for Sportsman Channel’s Sportsman Choice Awards for Best New Series, Best Host, Best Hunting Show and Best Education Show.
  • Last year, The Wild Within was the finalist of the James Beard Awards for best television program, locally.
  • American Buffalo has won numerous awards, including the Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. It was also the Amazon Book of the Month and one of the 50 best non-fiction books of the San Francisco Chronicle of 2008. 

Steven Rinella Social Media:

Steven Rinella Hobbies:

  • Steven Rinella was a big hunter, forager, and gatherer.
  • He had a fervent and detailed interest in where food comes from and the outdoors.
  • love with Montana.
  • Fishing.

Steven Rinella Facts:

  • During both high school and college, Steven Rinella trapped fur bearing animals for commercial markets.
  • He runs a successful podcast which features his stories, tips and adventures when hunting.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars does Steven Rinella have?

Steven Rinella has a F150.

How much money does Steven Rinella make a year?

Steven Rinella earns approximately $380,000 per year.

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