Net Worth $5 million
Date of Birth 11 June 1977
Gender Male
Height: 6 Feet
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Introduction Ryan Dunn:

Ryan Matthew Dunn was an American stunt performer, television personality, actor and comedian, known as one of the stars of the MTV reality stunt show Jackass and its film franchise

How old is Ryan Dunn?

Ryan Dunn was born on June 11, 1977 and he was 34 years old. He was died on June 20, 2011 in a car accident.

Ryan Dunn Personal life/Biography:

Stuntman, television personality, actor and comedian Ryan Dunn was born on June 11, 1977 in Medina, Ohio, to Linda Sue (Reese) and Ronald James Dunn. He was the middle child of three boys; his brothers were Jeremy and Timothy. His parents divorced when he was 9 years old, and he lived with his mother and brothers in Ohio, until the family relocated to Pennsylvania when Dunn was 15 years old.

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Ryan Dunn Education:

Dunn graduated from Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School in 1995, and then attended West Chester University, where he studied civil engineering.

Ryan Dunn Professional Career:

Dunn’s career began as a stuntman, performing various stunts on the MTV reality stunt show Jackass (2000-2002) and its spin-off series Viva La Bam (2003-2006). He later appeared in all three Jackass films: Jackass: The Movie (2002), Jackass Number Two (2006) and Jackass 3D (2010). He also had a supporting role in the 2010 film Steve-O: Demise and Rise.

In addition to his work on Jackass, Dunn hosted the G4 television series Proving Ground (2009-2010) and had a recurring role on the ABC series Eastbound & Down (2009-2010). He also appeared in several music videos, including Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” (1999), Danger Doom’s “Old School” (2005) and R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt Remix” (2007).

Ryan Dunn Net Worth:

Dunn’s net worth was estimated to be $5 million at the time of his death.

Ryan Dunn per month Salary:

Dunn earned a salary of $5,000 per episode of Jackass and $75,000 per episode of Proving Ground.

Ryan Dunn Height:

Dunn was 6 feet tall and weighed 165 pounds.

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Ryan Dunn Net Worth Biography

Is Ryan Dunn Relationship Status Single/Married?

Dunn was in a long-term relationship with Angie Frisaro from 1998 until his death in 2011. The couple had no children.

Ryan Dunn Achievements:

Dunn won a Teen Choice Award for Most Jaw-Dropping Moment for his work on Jackass in 2002.

Ryan Dunn Social Media:

  • Twitter account is with the user Ryan Dunn of @ryandunntv
  • Instagram account is with the user Ryan Dunn of fuckyeahdunn

Ryan Dunn Facts:

  • Dunn was a nationally ranked roller hockey player in his teens.
  • He was an accomplished guitar player and had his own band, Jackass Band, which played at various clubs in the Philadelphia area.
  • Dunn was known for his love of fast cars and he owned several high-performance vehicles, including a Porsche 911 Turbo and a Chevrolet Corvette Z06.
  • Dunn died in a car accident on June 20, 2011 in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. He was 34 years old.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ryan Dunn have children?

No, Ryan Dunn did not have any children.

How much money does Ryan Dunn make a year?

Dunn earned a salary of $5,000 per episode of Jackass and $75,000 per episode of Proving Ground.

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