Net Worth $5 million
Date of Birth 20 July 1988
Gender Male
Height: 1.80 meters
Profession American Football Player
Nationality American

Introduction Phillip Adams:

Phillip Adams was an American Football player, and former NFL cornerback who was accused of shooting six people to death before killing himself in April, had “unusually severe” chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease associated with head trauma and concussions.

How old is Phillip Adams?

Phillip Adams was born on 20 July 1988 and he was 32 years old.

Phillip Adams Personal life/Biography:

Phillip Adams was an American footballer who represented various clubs in the NFL. He was born in South Carolina and graduated from Rock Hill High School. He played as a defender in the National Soccer League and retired in 2015 after playing for the Atlanta Falcons season. On April 7, 2021, it was reported by the York County Sheriff’s office that Adams killed six people and then shot himself. The next day he clashed with the Police. He committed suicide at the age of 32.

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Phillip Adams Education:

Phillip Adams graduated from Rock Hill High School.

Phillip Adams Professional Career:

Adams started / learned to play football at Rock Hill High School in South Carolina. He used to play basketball in his school days.

Adams studied at South Carolina State University between 2006 and 2009 where he played as a backup usually in his new year. By the time he reached his senior year, he was still a First Team player at the All-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

Phillip Adams Net Worth:

Phillip Adams has a net worth of $5 million.

Phillip Adams Salary:

Phillip Adams earns approximately $500 k per month.

Phillip Adams Height:

Phillip Adams' height was 5 feet 9 inches(1.80 m) and weighed 194 Lbs(88 kg).

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Phillip Adams Net Worth And Biography

Is Phillip Adams Relationship Status Single/Married?

No, Phillip Adams was not married.

Phillip Adams Achievements:

San Francisco 49ers: Adams was selected in the seventh round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. In a game with the St. Louis Rams, broke his left ankle while blocking the first play in the second half. The injury required Adams' surgery, which included a few screws on his leg. He didn’t make a big mark and was released by the 49ers

New England Patriots: On September 21, 2011, the New England Patriots signed Adams to play for him in the NFL. On November 21, 2011, Adams recorded his first NFL record.

Seattle Seahawks: On December 20, 2011, Adams was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. He made one appearance for the Seahawks in 2011 before being eliminated from the squad on August 31, 2012.

Oakland Raiders: On September 1, 2012, Adams was signed by the Oakland Raiders. In 2012 in Oakland, Adams played 15 of 16 Raiders games, with one touchdown and 15 tackles. Adams re-signed in 2013 and appeared in all 16 Raiders games, with 30 fights and a false recovery a year. During his time with the Raiders, he faced two problems in three games.

New York Jets: On September 1, 2014, Adams signed with the New York Jets. He had one stop and faced 24 in 12 Jets games before moving on to what would be his last team.

Atlanta Falcons: Adams was signed by the Atlanta Falcons on March 12, 2015, where he played 13 Falcons games that season, with one interception and 38 runs.

Phillip Adams Social Media:

Phillip Adams Hobbies:

  • playing golf.
  • Travelling.
  • Active member of his church.

Phillip Adams Facts:

  • He was born in Rock Hill, York County, South Carolina. 
  • Aside from Rock Hill, he lived in other areas of York County including Fort Mill. 
  • In 2005, he graduated from Rock Hill High School. He then went to South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina where he played football. 
  • In 2010, he joined the San Francisco 49ers as a seventh-round draft pick out of South Carolina State University. 
  • In September 2010, the San Francisco 49ers cut him. He later joined the New England Patriots. 
  • In November 2011, the New England Patriots released him. He later joined the Seattle Seahawks where he played one game. 
  • In 2012, he had two concussions over three games. From 2012 to 2013,he played for the Oakland Raiders. 
  • In September 2014, the New York Jets signed him. He appeared in 12 games for the team.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Phillip Adams make a year?

Phillip Adams earns $6000k per year.

What was Adam’s greatest accomplishment in football?

He was part of the First-team All-MEAC (2009).

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