Net Worth $1 million
Date of Birth 26 October 1911
Gender Female
Height: 1.64 meters
Profession Singer
Nationality American

Introduction Mahalia Jackson:

Mahalia Jackson is An American gospel music singer.

How old is Mahalia Jackson?

Mahalia was born October 26, 1911 and she was 60 years old when she died.

Mahalia Jackson Personal life/Biography:

Mahalia Jackson was born to Charity Clark and Johnny Jackson, stevedore and a weekend barber. Clark and Jackson were unmarried, a common arrangement among black women in New Orleans at the time. She lived elsewhere, never joining Charity as a parent.

Both groups of Mahalia’s grandparents were born into slavery, his paternal grandparents in the rice fields and his maternal grandmother in the cotton fields of Pointe Coupee Parish about 160 miles north of New Orleans.

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Mahalia Jackson Education:

Mahalia studied at Madame C.J. Walker’s beauty school and worked as a domestic worker.

Mahalia Jackson Professional Career:

Mahalia Jackson started singing at a young age at Mount Moriah Baptist Church and became one of the most respected gospel characters in the United States.

Her recording of “Move On Up a Little Higher” was a hit and he later became a world-renowned musician from a variety of backgrounds.

Mahalia Jackson Net Worth:

At the age of 60 Mahalia had an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Mahalia Jackson Salary:

Mahalia earned approximately $20000 plus per month.

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Mahalia Jackson Net Worth And Biography

Is Mahalia Jackson Relationship Status Single/Married?

Yes, Mahalia was married.

Mahalia Jackson Achievements:

Mahalia won four Grammy Awards in her life.

Mahalia Jackson Facts:

  • Queen of Gospel Song.” Jackson was brought up in a strict religious atmosphere.
  • Mahalia was died January 27, 1972.
  • She won four Grammy Awards.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Mahalia Jackson make a year?

Mahalia Jackson earned approximately $240k a year.

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