Net Worth $129 million
Date of Birth 18 May 1976
Gender Male
Height: 1.67 meters
Profession Author
Nationality American

Introduction Greg Locke:

Greg Locke is an Independent Baptist evangelist and pastor. Locke is also the author of a book entitled Blinded by bBenny which is very important to the loving faith healerBenny Hinn. In 2004, his life story and spiritual transformation were aired on the “Unshackled” radio program.

How old is Greg Locke?

Locke was born on May 18th, 1976 in Donelson, Tennessee, United States and he is 45 years old.

Greg Locke Personal life/Biography:

Our attempts to find out more about his family were unsuccessful as such information was not publicly available. Therefore, the identity of Locke’s parents is still unclear. It is not known whether he has any siblings. We will review this section when this information becomes available.

Greg married Taisha Locke, his church assistant. They have been together since August 2020. His breakup with his first wife was one of his most controversial moments as he cheated on her with Taisha (Tai Cowan McGee) and said in an interview that his first wife was mentally ill.

He was very upset with her speech but did not say anything about marriage. Prior to that, he had married Melissa. His relationship with Melissa was always stony but ended late when he “swapped” with his church assistant.

Melissa and the pastor have been married for over 21 years and have 3 sons and a daughter together. Both his wives were part of his gospel and his church. In fact, his first wife was a staunch supporter of the Christian faith and often sent a number of trustworthy messages to support their congregation.

Even his second wife is a staunch supporter of their religious beliefs and has many followers online about their purpose and God’s message. Some of the zealous clergy have called Locke an “Adulterer in God’s Eyes”.

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Greg Locke Education:

Greg Locke got a Master’s Degree in “Revival History” from the Baptist Theological School of New England. Moreover, he has a Graduate Of Theology degree from Ambassador Baptist College.

Greg Locke Professional Career:

Greg has travelled the world for over 10 years in full-time evangelising work. He has continued to mobilise the revival in forty-three and twelve provinces abroad. Locke was named in the WHO’s WHO WORLD team in 2006 and was recently listed as WHO’s WHO OF EMERGING LEADERS in 2007. This has been a great honour as only 25,000 people have completed the award worldwide, all of whom have won. to be under 40 years of age. He has been used by the Lord in a great way to see thousands of lives touched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Greg won the WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA Award both in 2005 and 2006.

He is the creator of three books, the owner of the weekly radio program “The Windows Of Heaven,” and the author and curator of the annual Annual Fire Conference. Locke is the President of Greg Locke Ministries and is the first director of Independent Baptist College in Nigeria.

Greg Locke Net Worth:

Greg Locke has a net worth of $129 million.

Greg Locke Salary:

Greg Locke earns approximately $900,000 per month.

Greg Locke Height:

Greg Locke height is 5 feet 6 inches(170 cm) and weight is 121 Lbs(55 kg).

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Greg Locke Net Worth And Biography

Is Greg Locke Relationship Status Single/Married?

Yes, Greg Locke is married.

Greg Locke Achievements:

Greg Locke is the winner of the WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA Award for both 2005 and 2006. He is the creator of three books, the owner of the weekly radio broadcast “The Windows Of Heaven,” and he is the author and host of the annual Fire For The Future Conference.

Greg Locke Social Media:

Greg Locke Facts:

  • Greg Locke is an American pastor who founded the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.
  • Locke has a large following online, including more than 2.2 million likes on his Facebook page.
  • He is often sought out for many church events.
  • Greg had preached in 48 states and 16 nations worldwide and preached his first sermon when he was 16.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many children does Greg Locke have?

Greg and Melissa have a daughter and three boys.Two children are adopted.

How much money does Greg Locke make a year?

Greg Locke earns approximately $11 plus million per year.

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