Deskflex lets you work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you don’t need to pay for expensive office space or equipment. Plus, you can get started quickly because it is very easy to use. All data is automatically synced and stored on a cloud server. What’s more, there are no monthly fees or commitments.

Envoy Desks

Envoy Desks allow businesses to offer their employees the freedom to work from home or in other locations. The flexible design provides a comfortable space for employees to meet and collaborate. In addition, it helps to reduce the footprint of office space. Whether you’re planning a new office or renovating an existing space, Desks will help you create the ideal workspace.

Envoy Desks have analytics built in to measure and optimize employee use. This information can inform decisions about adding new hot desks, changing the configuration of existing ones, and identifying frequent visitors to your office. It can even help after-hours cleaning crews better manage space. The ability to track employee behavior makes the system a useful tool for workplaces that embrace workplace flexibility.

Envoy DeskFlex helps companies meet their social distancing guidelines while optimizing space. With the ability to view the number of workers on a desk and schedule meetings accordingly, they can manage space and allocate desks effectively. Moreover, the software enables teams to view the number of employees who use a particular desk each day. This means that employees can make use of empty desks and ensure they’re working efficiently. Envoy has made a variety of improvements to its workspace platform, including a new mobile app for employees to manage their workspace. Its open API and fast-growing directory of integrations help companies streamline their workflows and capture value from existing tools. For example, it can automate the booking of desks and show upcoming desk reservations on digital displays. The platform also helps companies manage their office security by automatically allocating seating. And finally, it allows users to upload their vaccination status in theEnvoy mobile app, which further simplifies employee management.

Envoy Desks are currently sold in packs of 25. However, Second Street labs plan to enable 80 desks in its two locations.

Envoy Room Display Touchscreen

This touchscreen for your desk can be mounted on glass or drywall. It features LED lighting that shows the availability of a room in green, red, or not available. You can power the touchscreen via a standard power adapter or Power over Ethernet (PoE) for places without power outlets. It also has WiFi connectivity. This touchscreen is available in the Black or White casing.

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