Net Worth $100 million
Date of Birth 27 January 1973
Gender Male
Height: 1.83 meters
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Introduction Ben Baller:

Ben Baller is a Korean-American actor, artist, and jeweller. He is the founder of Icee Fresh Jewels known for its diamond jewellery. His clients include celebrities such as Kanye West, Snoop Dog, and Mariah Carey.

How old is Ben Baller?

Ben Baller was born on January 27, 1973, in Los Angeles and he is 49 years old.

Ben Baller Personal life/Biography:

Baller studied at Beverly Hills High for his school education. Then, he later graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Also, he enrolled in San Francisco State University as well as received a degree in a BFA in cinematography. During his college days, he used to play both football and basketball. Later, he began his career in the music industry in 1993. His first job was as a DJ at Washington’s restaurant.

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Ben Baller Education:

Ben Baller holds the BFA in cinematography degree.

Ben Baller Professional Career:

Ben Baller began his career as a DJ at a nightclub where he loved to play disco, funk, and hip-hop music. After that, he worked as a VP of the A&R recording label and then worked for Priority Records and Aftermath Entertainment. From 1993 to 2004 he worked as a paid DJ and gained great fame by releasing 20 credits for a platinum album from famous artists.

Ben Baller Net Worth:

Ben Baller has a net worth of $100 million. Which he earns through jewellery and acting.

Ben Baller Salary:

Ben Beller earns approximately $80 thousand per month.

Ben Baller Height:

Ben Baller Height is 6 feet (1.83 m), weight 154 Lbs (70kg).

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Ben Baller Net Worth and Biography

Is Ben Baller Relationship Status Single/Married?

Baller is married to Nicolette Lacson. The couple has three children with his wife, sons named London and Ryder, and daughter named Kaia.

Ben Baller Achievements:

  • From 1993 to 2004 he worked as a paid DJ and gained great fame by releasing 20 credits for a platinum album from famous artists. At the same time, he gained international recognition as a treadmill collector. 
  • Ben Baller moved into the jewellery business. That was in fact his family’s business for over 40 years. Along with his family members, Ben Baller launched his first company called ‘Icee Fresh’ which quickly became a success thanks to his delightful jewellery.
  • Ben Baller first came to prominence in the entertainment industry as a leading jeweller when major celebrities such as Kanye West, Drake, Nas, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, and Orlando Brown, became his clients. He also made a Michael Jackson diamond belt.
  • He recently found himself the world’s best artist and in 2017 Baller won the Coveted jewellery of the year award. He has designed new jewellery styles for the famous NBA, NFL, and other celebrities.

Ben Baller Social Media:

Ben Baller Hobbies:

  • Ben Baller loves to listen to music.
  • Ben Baller loves to ride cars.
  • Ben Baller is a travelling lover.

Ben Baller Facts:

  • Ben Baller is a celebrity producer.
  • Ben Baller Plays football and basketball.
  • Ben Baller loves to visit Italy and Miami.
  • Ben Baller loves luxury cars.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars does Ben Baller have?

He has many luxury cars like a Rolls Royce ghost, Bentley flying spur, and a Lamborghini Aventador just to list off a few.

How much money does Ben Baller make a year?

Ben Beller earns approximately $10 million per year.

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