Net Worth $2 million
Date of Birth 7 March 1998
Gender Female
Height: 1.65 meters
Profession Songwritter
Nationality American

Introduction Amanda Gorman:

Amanda Gorman is an American poet and activist known for her work on black identity, feminism, discrimination, and climate change. He gained worldwide fame as he read his poem “The Hill We Climb” at the inauguration of the U.S. President. in 2021. Joe Biden.

How old is Amanda Gorman?

Amanda was born on 7 March 1998 and she is 23 years old.

Amanda Gorman Personal life/Biography:

Amanda Gorman and his siblings, including his twin sister, Gabrielle, were raised by a single mother, Joan Wicks, a former high school teacher. Both sisters had difficulty speaking. Amanda had a problem with sensory processing that made it difficult for her to pronounce the letter. According to him, he sought poetry as an inexpensive way to express himself.

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Amanda Gorman Education:

Amanda Gorman is a successful writer, activist, and graduate of Harvard University with a major degree in sociology.

Amanda Gorman Professional Career:

Amanda has been writing poetry since she was a child. He was only 16 when he was named Los Angeles Youth Poet in 2014. He also launched the One Pen One Page movement the same year, promoting advocacy, leadership training, and poetry workshops for young people. She is the agent of IMG Models (fashion & beauty) Writers House (literary) Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown, and Passman (legal).

Amanda Gorman Net Worth:

Amanda Gorman has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Amanda Gorman Salary:

As per record, Amanda Gorman earns $28 Thousand per month.

Amanda Gorman Height:

Amanda Gorman Height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65meters) and weighs 121 lbs (55kg).

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Amanda Gorman Net Worth Biography

Is Amanda Gorman Relationship Status Single/Married?

Amanda Gorman is currently single.

Amanda Gorman Achievements:

  • Despite these challenges, Amanda Gorman is an amazing student who graduated from cum laude at Harvard in 2022. She received the Milken Family Scholarship as an adult and was a member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa college.
  • The poetry awards have been hers since she was a child, starting with the Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate in 2014 at just 16 years old.
  • He published his first book The One For Whom Food Is Not Enough in 2015 and his subsequent books became best sellers. In 2022, he was shortlisted for Time’s 100 Next under the Phenoms category.

Amanda Gorman Social Media:

 Amanda Gorman Hobbies:

  • Amanda Gorman loves Reading Books.
  • Amanda Gorman uses social media sites.

Amanda Gorman Facts:

  • Gorman is the youngest inaugural poet in American history.
  • She has a speech impediment.
  • She did a lot of research before writing “The Hill We Climb.”
  • In 2017, she was named the nation’s first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate.
  • She has written two books.
  • She has won several awards from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. 
  • She wants to be president one day.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Amanda Gorman make a year?

Amanda Gorman makes $3 lack plus per year.

Where does Amanda Gorman live now?

Amanda Gorman lives in an apartment in West L.A.

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