Complete Refrigeration Services is a family-owned and operated business that provides professional, efficient refrigeration services. The company offers a full range of commercial refrigeration services, including installation, maintenance, and machine cleaning. Their list of satisfied customers is extensive. You can count on them for quality service and affordable prices.

RSI is a Family-Owned and Operated Business:

Refrigeration Specialists Inc. (RSI) is located in Vernon River, PE, and has a team of certified HVAC technicians and Red Seal Electricians. The company holds an Electrical Contractors and Mechanical Contractors license and is authorized to sell Fujitsu and Tosot heat pumps.

RSI has years of experience in commercial refrigeration. Its technicians are certified by the CFESA and receive ongoing training to stay on top of new technologies and certifications. RSI technicians also have the ability to self-manage large projects and coordinate with other contractors.

RSI provides a wide range of refrigeration services, from simple repair to comprehensive refrigeration solutions. The company also offers 24-hour emergency service in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia. RSI is also a local service provider in Wisconsin.

It Provides a Wide Range of Commercial Refrigeration Services:

Complete Refrigeration Services provides a variety of commercial refrigeration services to both small and large business owners. These services include preventative maintenance and custom-designed solutions. They provide quality services with professionalism and efficiency. Their team is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of commercial refrigeration systems and is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and results.

Complete Refrigeration Services has over four decades of experience in the field of commercial refrigeration. They are certified in the use of Puron refrigerant systems and can respond quickly to any problem that may arise. They also provide prompt service, including emergency repairs and advice on newer models.

RSI Installs Six Compressors Running Six Evaporator Coils:

RSI installs six compressors running a system with six evaporator coils in a walk-in cooler for a beer distributor. The project included three large commercial refrigeration condensing units and six large DX evaporator coils. The evaporator coils were installed 16' below the floor and 20' below the condensing units. The team used proper suction line piping, including a p-trap at each unit. The branch line is graded back toward the compressors to prevent oil carryover.

The installation was a collaborative effort between RSI and Kirby Restaurant Supply. The team collaborated with Scott Allred, a consultant from Refrigerated Design Technologies. They installed the ThermoKool walk-in panel system and evaporator coils. Additionally, they installed the condensate drain lines from the evaporator coils to the RDT compressor rack.

RSI Has Long-Standing Relationships With Other Contractors:

Complete refrigeration service is a growing industry, and RSI has long-term relationships with contractors specializing in this field. As a result, RSI can offer a wide range of services from design to installation. RSI can assist with design and installation, troubleshoot design issues, and ensure a quality installation. They completed the project on time and within budget - and the results were beautiful.

RSI Provides High-Quality Commercial Refrigeration Services:

RSI is an internationally recognized provider of commercial refrigeration services. Their team of professionals includes certified and trained drivers who drive commercial vehicles safely and adhere to company safety procedures. In addition, drivers are trained in customer service and are expected to work independently without close supervision. They are also provided with a vehicle and company phone.

The company provides services to businesses in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. In addition, it provides local service solutions in Wisconsin and Virginia. RSI also offers commercial refrigeration services in Texas. Founded in 2004, RSI offers a complete range of services for businesses in the hospitality and institutional food service industry.

RSI has completed a series of high-profile projects. For example, in 2007 RSI completed three A/C units for the USS WHIDBEY ISLAND (LSD-41). The company’s technicians are cleared and certified by the Department of Navy for work at Mid-Atlantic Naval Bases.

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